Nevada Legislature’s Report Card

Assembly Overview

Led by Assembly Speaker, Steve Yeager, the Nevada Assembly made strides in various areas, advocating for measures against gun violence, safeguarding abortion access, protecting voting rights/access, enhancing climate policies, and pursuing other progressive objectives.

Additionally, Speaker Yeager supported gun violence prevention through bills like AB354 and AB355, while also addressing affordable housing concerns. Assembly Floor Majority Leader Sandra Jauregui played a vital role in gun violence prevention, championing AB354 and AB355 to close dangerous ghost gun loopholes, secure polling places, and restrict assault weapon ownership. Governor Lombardo’s vetoes of these bills drew criticism for neglecting public safety, especially given his past as the former Sheriff overseeing the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. 

The Assembly also championed crucial housing bills but due to Governor Lombardo’s vetoes, including AB340 for housing reforms and AB298 for transparent rental agreements, much of those measures will not become reality. 

Senate Overview

The Nevada State Senate, led by Senate Majority Leader Cannizzaro, focused on advancing abortion access, combating gun violence, and advocating for various important causes. Notably, Senator Cannizzaro championed SB131, which safeguards abortion seekers from other states and their providers in Nevada, reinforcing an executive order issued by Governor Steve Sisolak after the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

Senator Melanie Scheible also made strides, passing SB163 to prevent gender identity-based discrimination in health care plans and agreements, and SB153, mandating proper care standards for incarcerated individuals of diverse gender identities. Additionally, Senator Dallas Harris collaborated on SB171 to bar hate crime convicts from firearm ownership, though Governor Lombardo’s veto displayed a lack of commitment to public safety. 

Teacher’s note: Along with the Assembly, the Senate fought back against obstruction from legislative Republicans and Governor Lombardo on the state’s budget and both chambers held the line and did not succumb to their pressures to consider a voucher scheme. Sadly, the chambers did pass the Stadium Scam, SB1, during a Special Session, but many legislators put up a good fight.

Legislators’ Grades