The 80th Session of the Nevada Legislature made history by electing the first female majority legislature in the country. This milestone paved the way for new, diverse voices in our state’s leadership. The Session was a success for Nevada progressives, with several major pieces of legislation being passed, with bipartisan support, to rein in gun violence, develop Nevada’s clean energy economy, strengthen our democracy and electoral system, and improve the economic conditions of working families.

Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson

On May 4th, 2019, Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson tragically passed away. We at Battle Born Progress were heartbroken by the news, because we knew Nevada had lost a brilliant advocate for Nevada’s youth, and a wonderful human being.


Assemblyman Thompson was kind, passionate, and left everyone he met feeling heard and valued. He was a committed supporter of our organization’s work, and always made us smile.


Whether it was speaking at our Progressive Summits, or teaching our volunteers how to contact their legislators, Assemblyman Thompson always made time to help others and move our state forward.


We strive each day to live by the example set by the incredible work he did.


Thank you, Assemblyman Tyrone Thompson. We miss you with all our hearts.