While the progressive wins outnumbered the losses, the Session reminded us that we must remain vigilant and dedicated to fighting for the issues that serve our community. Even in the case of a Democratic trifecta, wealthy corporations and law enforcement agencies often hold a disproportionate influence in the halls of the legislature, and it’s the role of all Nevadans to hold their elected officials accountable. Still, for a session expected to be light on significant achievements, 2021 contained more pleasant surprises than disappointing ones. We look forward to working during the interim on issues of healthcare, renewable energy, the distribution of American Rescue Plan funds, and the redistricting process. We’re eager to return to Carson City in 2023 to continue advocating for further initiatives for gun violence prevention, and addressing criminal justice reform and housing issues in a real way.

Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton

This session marked the final term of Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton. Maggie has served in the Nevada Legislature for the past 22 years, first as a Senator, and then as an Assemblywoman. As Chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, she has fiercely advocated for Nevada’s working families through countless hours of hearings and management of our state budget. 


Coming from a working class background herself, as a waitress with the Culinary union, Assemblywoman Carlton always understood what it meant to work for a living to support a family. It’s rare to see working people represented among leadership in government, and even more rare to see leadership as prolific and tenacious as the Assemblywoman. Her institutional knowledge and budgetary experience will be sorely missed in future sessions. We wish her a restful, happy, and PowerPoint-free retirement for all the service she has given to Nevada. We admire Assemblywoman Carlton’s work and strive to emulate her commitment to Nevada’s working families. And we hope that our legislators of the present and future follow her example as well. 


Thank you Maggie Carlton, the true MVP of the Nevada Legislature!